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The Journey to O.N.E. Ultimate Health is about your own personal growth. Personal growth can be seen as a word that people try to avoid for seeming to be weak or lack knowledge in the inner workings of the Universe. 

I see it as being the smartest move you make in your entire life. You are choosing to improve an area of your life in a way that makes it easier for you to move forward and get what you want. What is weak about that? I think weakness are those people who choose to sit in frustration and never seek a way out. They become numb to the fact that there is a better way and personal growth is that way! 

Congratulations to you for choosing to seek knowledge!

These are the areas that I cover in my blog. These are also areas where I feel I can speak about because I have taken this journey myself and would love to share it with you who want to know. 

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Increase your Money Potential

This blog entry is about increasing your thinking capacity to increase your wallet capacity. Look into your wallet or purse right now, what do you see? Coupons for your favorite restaurant, a few bucks, a bank account slip?  Do you find in there what you really want? Do you want more money? Do you wish that once you put the money in your wallet that it would double the bills that were already in there? Well I have a challenge for you that might help increase your money potential.

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When Your Journey Becomes Clear

Are you clear about what you want? Do you have any idea what things or experiences you would like to have in your life? I bet you can come up with some things right off the bat, but can you get to the real meaning of your life and where you are headed? I have a hard time coming up with what I am doing here. I know I love to help people, but I also want freedom and money to boot. How can I have both, money and freedom? How can I be of service to people and still have my free time? Do you ask similar questions?

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